3 Ways to Increase Your Memory Retention During the Festive Season

   It’s the Year of the Rooster and we from Think Codex would like to wish everyone of you a Happy Chinese New Year. This time around, we thought it would be interesting to share with you some tips on how to remember the things you have learnt, while enjoying moments with your family and friends, so you could spearhead the year with full force. So here goes:

1. Sharing is caring

   As cliche as it sounds, sharing has proven to help retain the information that you have learned and also transfer them from your training into everyday life. Share anything and everything including the programmes that you have attended, the key learnings, or the experiences. This helps you to recall the information that you have learnt, as well as obtaining different perspectives from your family and friends. Recalling the information with the presence of other social cues would help to strengthen the information into the long-term memory.

Imagine an octopus finding more areas to latch on as it explores the environment (It certainly would be harder to be drifted off by the currents)

2. Practice your key learnings during the festive season

   Practice is essential in helping to transfer your learnings effectively back into the workplace. That is why we encourage you to apply them during the festive season.

Let us take the example from our Allocate Strategic Thinking Simulation, where it teaches about how to align your existing strategies with future opportunities that comes by. With that said, you could practice the key learnings of the simulation by planning who you would like to meet during the festive season in a manner where you could make the most out of it.

Not only that, you could practice the key learnings from Allocate in the your annual card game sessions too. Practice not only promotes recall, but also helps to build confidence in using the skill in the future.

3. Gamify the mundane activities

   Have a lot of plates to wash? Have many guests to serve? Why not make those activities fun by making a game out of them? Compete with your relatives on who can finish washing the plates faster or whoever that could serve more drinks to the guests (We wouldn't encourage you to compete in who finishes the Chinese New Year cookies the fastest though). 

What is important here is that you enjoy the process, get things done, and make meaningful connections.

   Tired of forgetting about the things you have learnt? Research has shown that, skills that are not practised would most likely decay due to interference from other information. So let us not make these learnings go to waste. Start practicing with any opportunities that you could find! 

Once again from Think Codex, we wish you a happy holiday and have a safe journey back home.

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