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Who are we looking for?
You should be ideally a person who is interested in people and curious in learning. You are self-driven in nature and also resourceful to find ways to resolve the issue. Having a bit of working experience (1-3 years) would be good but fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. We're open to any course of study as long as you find the interest in the role. 

What do we offer?
We offer a competitive package and cover parking, business phone usage, mileage & tol. We practice flexi hours. Most importantly we offer a culture of pursuing excellence where you will work with some of the best and irrational minds. Contact us at info@thinkcodex.com to apply.


Candor - There should be more truth in our hallways. A silenced opinion is possibly a lost solution.

Grit - Our passion sets direction but our determination gets us there. To us, excellence is a verb.

Trust - We trust our people to know when to follow the rules and when to break them. 


Our Award Winning Team

Here are some of the position(s) open right now:


Simulation Designers think about some of the most important / complex business and people issues - and then compress them into an experiential learning environment. The aim is to create unique live experiences that enables participants to learn critical lessons all within a safe simulated environment. 


Sales & Marketing Analysts are instrumental in understanding of the customer's learning needs; and matching our solutions with those needs. In this role you will be paired up with a senior that will guide & coach you.