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Think Codex’s unique design methodology involves embedding world class content and habit building models into a safe and engaging environment, which creates an optimum learning environment for professionals to learn and test out their ideas to receive instant feedback.

We pride ourselves in bringing this methodology into all of our in house products.


What is Allocate?

Allocate is a Strategic Thinking Simulation

Players bid fiercely to become the most profitable company in a tech-forward solar world. They're challenged to balance complexities around delivering results, limited resources, evolving markets, capitalizing on the right opportunities, and mitigating risks.

Think Codex’s Strategic Thinking Simulation plunges teams into a competitive environment with industry-specific scenarios, teaching them all how to stick to a larger strategy when everything around them keeps shifting.

allocate strategic thinking simulation


At the end of an Allocate Simulation, participants will be able to:

• Look at the big picture and identify their strengths and direction.

• Take critical steps towards success.

• Manage risks and plan for them ahead of time.

What Is Centric?

Centric is a Customer Service Simulation

Centric focuses on service excellence, recovery, and quality - top-tier methods practiced by renowned global companies.
In this simulation, participants are placed in 3 different companies within the retail and service industry, and compete to win the Best Customer Service Award.

Each team member will experience the role of a customer service executive, customer, and observer - giving each individual a 270 degree view of customer service. Peer review sessions are then held to review and improve individual and team KPIs.

Centric Product

What Does Centric Do?

At the end of Centric, participants will be able to:

• Understand and apply customer service theory and best practices.

• Identify personal effectiveness and practice the act of continuous improvement in the workplace.

• Manage customer experience under challenging  circumstances.

What is Rise & Fall?

Rise & Fall Is An Operational Excellence Simulation

Rise & Fall simulation puts participants in a time-bound challenge where a cross-functional team has to work together to build card structures to fulfill customer orders.

Each team consists of 5 different roles, with individual responsibilities and handicaps. These cross-functional roles will have to adapt to dynamic situations, forming the basis of continuous feedback and improvement when working in a team.

Our trainers will utilize team and process improvement tools to guide players into planning and gauging results, giving them a hands on approach on taking initiative and executing improvements

What Does Rise & Fall Do?

At the end of Rise & Fall Simulation, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply proven concepts and practices of improving the process of working in teams.

  • Identify key areas of process improvement to achieve results.

  • Utilise tools for ideation, decision making, and collaboration in teams.

What is Apex?

Apex is a Sales Acceleration Simulation

Think Codex’s APEX Sales Excellence Simulation introduces agile and adaptive learning in the form of quick repetition roleplay in a competitive environment.

Participants are placed in different banking companies, and are part of an industrywide competition to determine the top 3 salespersons.

Thus APEX focuses on top sales functions like lead generation, customer retention tactics, up selling, & cross selling.

What does apex do?

At the end of APEX Simulation, participants will be able to:

  • Understand customer needs
    through observation & interview methods

  • Experience selling a product utilizing Features, Advantages and Benefits (FABs) & Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

  • How to handle objections and close the sale.